Why Choose Cronin Alfresco Outdoor Kitchen Cabinets?

When you choose Cronin, YOU CHOOSE QUALITY. And we’re not just saying it as a marketing strategy. We really mean it.

In this article, we breakdown 7 reasons why Cronin Alfresco should be your top choice for your outdoor kitchen needs. 


1. Australian Made Cabinets

Cronin Alfresco Outdoor Kitchen is a certified Australian Made - a country of origin certification trademark for all Aussie products. It means Cronin Alfresco products meet the criteria outlined in the AMAG Logo Code of Practice ensuring what you get is a genuine Australian product and made to Australia’s high quality, health and safety standards.


2. Fully Australian Owned

Here at Cronin Alfresco, not only our stainless steel cabinets sourced and manufactured in Australia, but we’re also a fully Australian owned and operated company. Buying our outdoor kitchen cabinets guarantees you are supporting local businesses and the economy.


3. Soft Close Hinges and Drawer Slides

Cronin Alfresco outdoor kitchen cabinets have hydraulics built into them so when you close the cabinet door, the hydraulics does its job and closes the door gently and silently. When cabinet doors are closed this way, it helps reduce the stress placed on the cabinet. It prevents marks, cracks and dents from forming and minimises friction against hinges, extending your outdoor kitchen cabinets’ life.

4. Restaurant-Quality and Built To Last

Unlike other products, Cronin Alfresco outdoor kitchen produces fully welded stainless steel sinks at par with restaurant-quality sinks making them more durable and hardwearing. Cronin premium materials and dedication to quality welded construction techniques, ensure that your units will truly last a lifetime.


5. Made With Premium Stainless Steel

Manufactured from solid 1.2 and 1.6mm thick and premium grade stainless steel, Cronin units are strong and solid, unlike some units available from many retail BBQ stores. Stainless steel has excellent corrosion resistance, and the Type 304 grade we use as standard are durable, hygienic and easy to clean. If you’re living near the beach, we can customise your order and manufacture from Marine Grade stainless steel with greater corrosion resistance. And read our  REASONS THAT MAKES STAINLESS STEEL APPLIANCES TIMELESS for more information.

6. Made With Your Convenience In Mind

The Cronin Alfresco range of premium stainless steel alfresco cabinets are designed and manufactured with one thing in mind; to ensure that you receive the best possible alfresco BBQ cabinets available. From soft close hinges and slides to the option of legs or castors on each unit, you can see and feel the difference of a Cronin constructed Alfresco Cabinet. Choosing between left or right opening doors is also an option, all with soft close hinges. You can also opt to add a range hood to remove all the smoke and grease from your alfresco area.


7. Free Adelaide Metro Delivery

We deliver factory direct so you’re paying less. Cronin Alfresco also offers pick-up and home delivery options and if you’re within the Adelaide metro - we deliver your orders for FREE. 

To learn more about Cronin Alfresco Outdoor Kitchen Cabinets, click here and to help you choose the BBQ that is right for you, our Beginners Guide to Buying the perfect BBQ will help to answer some of your questions.